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Orders and Order Management

Here you will find all of the information in regards to your orders and how to manage your order

You will be notified about an order via email and (sms) text message. If you have added shop staff and management, they also will be notified of the order as well via email and (sms) text message. 

It is great to add staff members to assist in managing your storefront so that your team can fulfill your orders as they come in and it will reduce the risk of overlooking any orders as well. 

To see your orders you need to navigate to:


The order page displays all of your orders detail in a list format. This page shows order number, order total amount, order status, customer details, order date and order action. You can view your orders full details by clicking on it and manage order status.

Here you can also filter your orders by date, status, customer and even export them to a CSV file.

CNKTID Where can I see my orders

To add a note to an order navigate to:


  1. Click on the order you would like to add a note to
  2. Once you have opened the order you would like to add a note to navigate to the Order Notes section located at the bottom right.

    CNKTID Can I add a note to an order

  3. Select type of note you would like to add.

    1. Your choices are “Customer Note“. This note will be added to the customer’s order and the customer will be notified with the note you have made on their order via email. This process will repeat with every note that you add to the customer’s order.

    2. Private Note: A private note will not be sent to the customer nor seen by the customer. It is a note that will be only visible to you and your staff when clicking on the order details page. 
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